Ethereum Transactions on Browsers: Newbies’ Intro to Metamask

Metamask is the genius browser plugin that bridges the gaps between dApps and regular browsers. Experts in the blockchain community even think Metamask will spearhead the masses’ adoption to Ethereum. In this short post, you will know about the basics of Metamask and how to set up Metamask on Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

how to set up metamask

Streamlined Ethereum transactions

People have one main issue with Ethereum—its accessibility for everyday use.

Just picture a day-to-day online shopping experience with Ethereum. If you’re online shopping for a jacket with Ethereum, you will be going through multiple hassles. First, you need to own a node to access the blockchain, to which you will be writing your transaction. Next, the eCommerce site still needs to double-check if you are paying the right amount of Ethers.

This is where Metamask comes in and streamlines everything.

How Metamask works

Metamask is a free browser plugin built by Aaron Kumavis and Dan Finlay. With Metamask, you don’t have to own a node just to make transactions on blockchain-enabled websites. You can carry them out on regular browsers.

Once installed, the Metamask provides you with a free javascript library named web3.js into your browser. Metamask enables you to easily access the tools for reading or writing transactions on the blockchain. In fact, it can even help the user identify the Ethereum nodes to which they will be sending requests.

Why Metamask is crucial

Furthermore, why is Metamask important? Metamask does not merely bridge the gaps between Ethereum, its users, and regular browsers. It was mentioned above that experts think Metamask is the gateway to a broader adoption among the masses. And this is true.

Well, for one, it has a user-friendly interface; therefore, it’s perfect for those who are taking their baby steps in the blockchain and dApps community. They can learn the basics of transactions without going in too deep. In the Metamask plugin, users can obtain the token’s contract address, copy and paste it on the box, and then add tokens to wallets.

As you can see, Metamask refines and streamlines the Ethereum transaction process.

You can read more here about Ethereum and blockchain technology.

Now, how to set up Metamask?

Setting up the Metamask extension on your browsers is easy. Just follow these steps.


  1. Open your Opera browser.
  2. Go to the Opera add-ons page to access the Metamask Opera extension.
  3. Download the plugin by clicking the green “Add to Opera” button.
  4. Opera will send a notification once the installation completes.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click this link to access the Metamask Chrome plugin page.
  3. Download the plugin by clicking the blue “Add to Chrome” button.
  4. Permit the installation by clicking the “Add extension” button on the prompt.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. First, open your Firefox browser.
  2. Next, click this link to access the Metamask Firefox extension.
  3. Download the extension by clicking the blue “Add to Firefox” button.
  4. Confirm the installation by clicking the Add prompt.

You can also install Metamask on their own browser, Brave.

Metamask is a useful tool for the Ethereum community, and soon, the average users.

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